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    Aqui você encontra vagas de summers, internships, full-time, processos seletivos para o nosso time global, entre outras oportunidades profissionais. Fique ligado!

  • SPX Capital US - Summer Intern NY

    Credit Area 📊

    Based in New York, the Credit Intern at SPX will be involved in the following responsibilities and activities:

    Job Description:

    🤝 Working directly with portfolio manager and credit analysts.

    📈 Assisting with financial modeling.

    🔍 Screening for companies and industries that represent opportunities for investment in credit instruments.

    📰 Contributing to fundamental credit analyses tracking: news, earnings reports, investor calls, updating new issue databases.

    🚀 Expanding the universe of names we cover and make processes more efficient.


    💼 Understanding of financial statements and credit instruments.

    🔢 Quantitative skills to build models.

    📚 Research skills to analyze sectors and companies.

    💡 Creativity and ability to execute with autonomy.

    🔍 Prior exposure to credit analysis and investment decision making is a plus.

    Apply HERE: https://spe.tbe.taleo.net/spe01/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=U2K2Y2&cws=53&rid=142 


    Macroeconomic Analysis 🌐

    Based in New York, the Macroeconomic Analysis Intern at SPX will be involved in the following responsibilities and activities:

    Job Description:

    🤝 Working directly with US Senior Economists, the Macro Analysis intern will participate in projects geared to contributing to assessments of the US and other economies that influence actual investment decisions.

    📊 Develop macroeconomic models for forecasting a wide range of economic variables such as inflation, employment, and components of GDP.

    📈 Research and organize big-data sources for medium-term projects as well as building alternative macroeconomic indicators to assess economies on a high-frequency basis.

    📉 Maintain Excel spreadsheets and models to keep them functioning and easily updatable.

    🔁 Update SPX databases regularly to keep the firm attuned to our team’s latest forecasts.


    🎓 Working towards a graduate degree in Economics.

    🔢 Solid background in quantitative analysis and Excel modeling.

    💹 Training in macroeconomics, ideally with some coursework in finance.

    📊 Strong base in econometrics, statistics, and programming is a plus.

    💼 Prior experience working in finance and fast-paced work environments is a plus.

    Apply HERE: https://spe.tbe.taleo.net/spe01/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=U2K2Y2&cws=53&rid=143


    Rates Area 💹

    Based in New York, the Rates Intern at SPX will be involved in the following responsibilities and activities:

    Job Description:

    📈 Supporting the area of Rates.

    📊 Developing and evaluating market studies.

    ⚙️ Automatization of internal process and analysis.

    🌐 Participating in daily morning calls and global macro committees.

    🚀 Working on projects where you can apply academic knowledge to actual market situations.

    🔍 Carrying out research into economic and financial indicators.


    🎓 Good undergraduate or graduate degree (achieved or expected) in a quantitative or technical subject such as Economics, Engineering, and Computer Science.

    💼 Demonstrate interest in capital markets.

    🗣️ Strong communication and organizational skills.

    💻 Technical proficiency in Microsoft Excel and in one or more programming languages.

    Apply HERE: https://spe.tbe.taleo.net/spe01/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=U2K2Y2&cws=53&rid=141 


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